A Forest Garden

This two acre garden, a steeply sloping site in the heart of the Ashdown Forest is surrounded by big specimen trees much appreciated by our clients, a young modern creative family who wanted to enhance the natural rustic charm of their property whilst introducing contemporary elements where appropriate.

A sloping bank retained by natural sandstone from an existing garden feature is planted with ornamental grasses, and umbelliferers, adjacent to this is the newly levelled main lawn on which a small standing of white-stemmed himayalan birches are sited, underplanted with pheasant’s eye narcissus.  A long set of steps constructed from red cedar deckboards, edged with balls of Buxus sempervirens, leads to a deck which encircles the house which is softened by a mixed planting of shrubs and grasses.

To the rear of the house, steps lead up to a newly levelled area which contains a small circular quartered flower bed, surrounded by a meadow bank planted with apple trees.  The steps also lead to a small vegetable bed cut into the slope, and again retained by sandstone, this then leads down to the woodstore. On the other side of the house is a plum orchard underplannted by Quamash.

As the garden slopes away from the house to a stream at the bottom of the garden, hydrangea beds form big bold masses, providing colour in the garden from summer to autumn.

At the bottom of the garden, a circle of stone boulders creates natural seating under the shade of the trees, with views back over the stream, the hydrangeas, the birches, the grassy bank to the house.