Animals Galore

This lovely garden was designed and constructed for the owners in time for them to celebrate their wedding.

The existing garden could be loosely divided into three parts; a semi walled garden, a woodland, and a large meadow.

In the semi walled garden, there was existing terrace, vegetable garden, fruit trees, and topiary to be included into an integrated design.

A red cedar summerhouse was sited in the semi walled garden, and a new entrance consisting of a rose covered arbor leading from the driveway to the main garden was created, these new features were then joined by a brick edged gravel path to the existing features of the garden. A central feature of quartered rose beds with an Astrolabe in the middle form the focal point of the main garden. A newly planted beech hedge will eventually screen the main garden from the driveway, whilst on the other side, newly planted flowering cherries semi screen the meadow from the drive.

The existing driveway was adjusted to allow for more ease in turning, and was further enhanced by planting of hydrangeas to the edge of the turning circle and also to diminish a fall in level, allowing for mowing on a level plane.

A small side garden with existing fruit trees is used to house chickens, and includes stepping stones from the kitchen to the chicken coop.

This side garden leads to a woodland garden, which has been enhanced with pathways edged with fallen logs, and made more accessible by spreading woodland bark. A wide range of woodland trees and shrubs have been planted in large beds between the paths which lead to a work area, via a charming tree house, to a small pond in which ‘a ruin’ is reflected.